Electric Bike Battery

electric bike battery

Are you looking for best electric bike battery? Find the most suitable and affordable lithium battery for your electric bikes, electric cruiser bicycles, electric folding bikes, electric mountain bikes, electric bicycles, e-bike at TLH BATTERY now.

With many years experiences in lithium battery pack industry and the advantage of Battery Management System development, TLH BATTERY committed to be the leading lithium ion battery pack supplier. We design and produce reliable lithium batteries for for electric bicycles, e-bikes, electric scooters.

– Pedelec, Electric bike or electric bicycle use.

– Design the most suitable and perfect battery solutions for your e-bike.

– Downtube/ Frame / MTB / Rear Carrier / Bottle / Frog / Folding / Under Sadle / Tube e-bike battery solution available.

– 24V / 36V /48V / 52V or higher volatge according to your demand.

– 9Ah / 10Ah / 11Ah / 12Ah / 13Ah / 15Ah / 17Ah / 20Ah …. or higher capacity as per your requirements. 

– Samsung / Panasonic / Sanyo / LG cells with reliable quality, high energy density, low temperature performance and long cycle life.

Warmly welcome your details specification or specific requirements, we are happy to provide our best lithium battery solution to you. No matter what you need, remember we are always here to help.

electric bike battery